Contacts (Studio View)

The contacts page shows the contacts (end users) that engaged with your bot and operators.

Select contacts

The select button in the footer of the page allows you to select one or more contacts. It will add check boxes at the beginning of each row. Contacts can now be selected by checking or unchecking these boxes. By selecting the checkbox in the header of the row all items can be selected at once.

You can use the pagination buttons (next and previous) to switch pages. The selection will be remembered so you are able to select items over multiple pages.

Delete contacts

Contacts can be deleted after having selected one or more contacts using the above function. The button will be disabled unless you have selected one or more items.

Deleting a contact will also result in deleting all underlying data and conversations.

Send Whatsapp template

On this page, Whatsapp is the only channel that can be used to send multiple contacts a message at once. For this the button "Send Whatsapp template" can be used. In order to use the button you must have selected one or more contacts using the function described above.

Export contacts

Contacts can be exported using the Export button. When specific contact are selected using the "Select" button, it will only export the selected items. When no selection is made it will export ALL contacts.

Data can be exported to Excel or to CSV. When CSV is chosen you can select whether to use comma's or semicolons for field separation.

Import contacts

To load your Contacts with a predefined set out of your own CRM, you can use the Import button. Only CSV files can be used for importing. Make sure to choose the right separator: Comma or Semicolon.

To know which fields to upload you can download a template CSV file. Make sure to use the same structure for uploading. Additional columns can be appended. They cannot be inserted in between.

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