Slot planning

Depending on your particular Bot App you might be using Calendars as resources. Some Bot Apps allow you to integrate with third party calendars. But by default the Platform offers its own Calendar database. There are two types of Calendars. Calendars to show the outcome of Calendar actions of the Bot, like appointments or todo's. And Calendars that are used as input for determining Slot Capacity.

  1. Calendars for planning outcomes (Events and Todo's) can be found in the main menu under the name Calendars, see 1 in the below screenshot.

  2. Calendars for planning input (configure Slot capacity) can be found in the content section under the sub section Calendars, see 2 in the below screenshot.

Working with planning outcomes is further explained on the Calendars page here. This section will continue about managing slot capacity.

Add a new slot

Add a one time slot

By simply selecting a time window in the calendar a new slot can be added. It will open the following popup window.

The date, start and end times should represent the selected time window, but you can still change it to something else at this point.

Add recurring slot

When you need a one time slot you can simply configure the capacity for this slot and click save. The capacity represents the amount of times this particular slot can be booked.

When you need the slot to recur every week, you can click the Recurrance button. This will extend the form with the following fields.

Select the week days this slot needs to apply for and click save. The platform will repeat the slots according your schedule from the given date to infinity.

The buttons Weekdays and Every day help you to select the checkboxes even quicker.

Edit or delete a slot

To edit or remove a slot, click on any slot. The same popup that was filled out when adding the slot will be opened and filled with the slot details. By clicking the Save or Delete button, the slot can be respectively saved or deleted.

For recurring slots this will open another popup to ask to which instances of this slot the Edit or Delete action should apply: only this slot, thie and future slots or all slots.

Only this slot will keep the other instances of the slot untouched.

This and future slots will keep the previous ones untouched, but deletes or changes all future ones.

All slots will simply change or remove all slot instances for this slot in the calendar.

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