On this page you have a quick and clear overview of all Users under your management. There are a number of details that can help you understand things such as: Name, Last Active, Created, etc. You will also quickly see which Environments this user has access to.

By clicking on a specific User, the right panel will expand with the User's extra details as shown down below. See the User's activity in the Audit log tab.

For privacy reasons, some information has been deliberately omitted.

Studio users can be invited by your service provider or by users in your account with the role "Environment Manager". Users that are invited with the sole purpose of answering incoming messages are called agents.

Invite Users

Invite User

  1. Click on the Enreach logo

  2. Click on Members

  3. Click on Invite User



The first time you are inviting a Customer to a new environment you want to invite a user with at least the role of Environment Manager. This way this user is able to invite his or her colleagues to this environment him or herself.

When you have send the invite you can manage the invite under the User Management section.

You can decide to invite another user by clicking on the "Invite User" button.

In the last column of the user table you see three little icons:

  • The clipboard icon copies the invitation link to the clipboard so you can (re)send the invitation using another channel, like for instance teams. This is particularly helpful when, for some reason, this user didn't receive the invitation email.

  • The person-arrow icon enables you to "impersonate" this user's role so you can see how this user will see the studio. This comes in handy when users ask for your help and you want to see what they can see.

  • The trashcan icon enables you to remove this user and consequently revoking access for this user.

Operators and Agents

Operators and Agents

To be able to respond to incoming messages you need to assign at least the Agent or Operator role. Agents can only reply to incoming messages, Operators can even start conversations or find closed conversations.

To be able to be notified about incoming message you need to have the Agent or Operator role assigned in the environment your bot is in. So being an Operator on Agency level doesn't help when you want to be notified about incoming chat for a specific bot.


The roles that can be assigned to a user are:



Inbox access for live chat


Full inbox and CRM access

Content Manager

Access to the CMS


Access to analytics and CRM (read-only)


Full access to settings, CRM, CMS, analytics

Organisation Manager

Manage environments and users


Full access

Users can be assigned one or more roles. The roles only apply to the environment at hand. A user can therefore have different roles in different environments. However, roles assigned to a user on Agency level will ripple down to any environment under this Agency unless overwritten for that particular environment.

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