This section describes the working of conditions within flows. A condition is used to make certain behaviour conditional. For instance whether or not to skip the execution of a node, see example:

By clicking on the Add condition button the condition can be created.

To keep conditional logic simple within the platform all conditions are based on the existence or non existence of tags. The way the tags are evaluated depends on the list of condition types:

Expression typeEvaluates to true when…

any of

One or more of the given tags should be set

all of

All given tags need to be set

none of

None of the provided tags should be set

So the above screenshot shows an example where both the conversation happens within business hours (because of the tag "online") and the user's phone number should be known (because of the tag "phone").

So if, in this example, only one of the tags are present, the condition evaluates to false. If the use case allows for only one of the conditions to be true, then the expression type "any of" should be used.

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