How to add a flow for lunch breaks

The opening hours settings of your bot don't allow for specific exceptions or additional timeplans. For this the Timeplan skill can be very helpful. The Timeplan skill allows you to set a specific tag for specific time plans. This way you could configure specific logic for a certain time plan.

In case of lunch time you need to add a Timeplan that looks like this:

Now you can change your Flow to branch specifically on the tag timeplan:lunch the same way we implemented the out of office logic.

Add a link (1) from a Branch node to a Say node (2) that explains it is lunch time. This Say node will then link to the Note flow using the Go to flow node (3).

Click on the link to the Say node and change the Link details on the right hand side:

Select the Timeplan tag and provide a label for explanatory purposes.

And now you have a flow that handles lunch breaks too!

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