Dial: number

oice bots are able to dial out to forward the conversation to another number or extension.

Dialing can be done by using two different manners:

  • invite (the call is handed over, but when it fails, it returns)

  • refer (the call is immediately handed over and will not return)

Notice that when a dial is done using a SIP invite, the bot will stay "in between" and therefore adds to the billing of this call, whereas a SIP refer will stop incurring cost after the handover. Therefore the node will be configured with SIP refer by default.

The following properties can be configured for this node type.



The destination type for the call (default)

"Default" to dial the following number in any situation.

"Contact based alternatives" to dial a number that is based on user data (a specific contact field)


The number to call

Using the extension checkbox a non iso phone number can be provided. This way extension numbers are valid to enter.


Option to use another number based on the certain rules

Currently only the option "contact based" is offered to select a number based on the value of a specific contact field, like "segment" or "country", etc.


The method for dialing

See above.


Time in seconds

Only works for SIP invite.

Contact based alternatives

When a different number should be dialed for specific users (Contacts), the destination field should be configured with the value "contact based alternatives". This adds a button to add Alternatives based on specific contact field values.

In the above example there are three alternative numbers based on the contact field "segment". In the case none of the alternatives match (so the current caller doesn't have "A", "B" or "C" in the field "segment" in this example, the default number will be used. Otherwise it will use the number corresponding the matching alternative.

Instead of segment, used as example above, any other field can be used. For instance first_name or last_name when you want to dial another number based on someones name.

The in the above example used field segment should be present in the Contacts database in order for the example to work. The field 'segment' should therefore first be added in the contact definition. This can be done in Settings -> Studio

This will add a column in the Contacts list:

Which can be edited in the side bar:

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