How to send Whatsapp template

Whatsapp doesn't allow businesses to engage with users out of the blue. The business is only allowed to respond within 24 hours after receiving an inbound message unless the business uses a predefined and approved template message.

See Manage Whatsapp Templates for more information about managing your template messages with Meta.

Whatsapp template messages can be send automatically by your CRM system by integrating with our REST API's using the methods described here.

Sending a Whatsapp template as response to an inbound message

Sending Whatsapp template messages manually can be done in two ways. When replying to inbound messages in the inbox you can always send template messages using the little button in the input bar:

Sending a Whatsapp template as an outbound message

To send an outbound message (initiate the conversation) you need to first select the contacts you want to send the message to. Then you can click on the Send Whatsapp template button.

The popup that appears will ask you to select one of the templates that is available in your Whatsapp account. After selecting one of the templates the form will ask you to provide the required parameters if any and show you a preview.

When you are happy with the preview you can click on the Send button to send your selected audience the message.

Make sure to always verify the audience size before sending the template since there are costs involved in initiating conversations.

Making Whatsapp template(s) dynamic

Edit the template(s) you want to send to your designated recipients (read: multiple contacts) by making them dynamic, simply fill in {{user.first_name}} in the first parameter as shown down below.

This will recognise and fill in the first name of the contact(s) you have selected to send outbound messages.

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