Signing up to the Dialox platform to get access

When you are invited to the platform you will receive an email with the invite link. The link is presented as a blue button. Click on it.

Sometimes the invitation email is directed to your spam folder. Make sure to check your spam or junk folder if you can't find the invitation email.

Click on the blue button in the email to sign up. When you haven't signup before, you will be redirected to the signup form. You can sign up using a username and password, or using one of your accounts at Enreach (Operator), Microsoft, Google or Facebook.

When you sign up using a username and password you need to provide

  1. Your name

  2. Your email address

  3. A password that is secure. Preferably 8 or more characters, containing at least a capital, a special character and a number.

By clicking on Accept invite using, you can choose between the following options depending on how to log in:

Then read the end user license agreement and agree to it by selecting the checkbox.

Click the "Sign up" button to proceed. This will continue to the bots overview page within the environment you were invited to. When you don't have a bot yet, you can do so now by clicking Create your first bot.

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