Depending on your particular Bot App you might be using Calendars as resources. Some Bot Apps allow you to integrate with third party calendars. But by default the Platform offers its own Calendar database. There are two types of Calendars. Calendars to show the outcome of Calendar actions of the Bot, like appointments or todo's. And Calendars that are used as input for determining Slot Capacity.

  1. Calendars for planning outcomes (Events and Todo's) can be found in the main menu under the name Calendars, see 1 in the below screenshot.

  2. Calendars for planning input (configure Slot capacity) can be found in the content section under the sub section Calendars, see 2 in the below screenshot.

Managing slot capacity is further explained in the content section here. This section will further dive into the planning outcomes.

Manual planning

Bot apps that are equiped with the Planner skill, or otherwise using the Calendaring functions that are built into the platform, are able to store their planning results (events or todo's) in the built in Calendars section of the platform.

Events can also be created manually by selecting a time window in the calendar view which will then open a popup to create the event.

Depending on your Bot app or skills installed in your bot the event might have a "schema" with additional fields to fill out. But by default an event requires a start end end time, as well as a title for the event. Optionally a description can be provided.

By clicking the Create button, the event will be created in the Calendar.

Publishing your calendar as iCal

By default, any Calendar in the platform can be published as an iCal link. This way your calendar can be displayed in any other iCal supporting calendar system, like MS Outlook or Google Calendar.

By hovering with your mouse above the name of the calendar in the sub menu part of the page and then clicking on the wheel icon, the following popup is opened.

No toggle the checkbox "Publish calendar" to generate an ical URL that can be copied to the clipboard using the little clipboard icon on the right hand side of the presented URL. By pasting this URL in your MS Outlook or any other calendar that support iCal you can load a read only view of this calendar.

Importing a Bot Calendar into your MS Outlook calendar

To view your Bot Calendar in your MS Outlook you need to add a new calendar in Outlook by clicking the Add Calendar button.

Now in the Pop-up choose to Subscribe from Web:

Now paste the iCal URL into the first field and give your calendar a name.

Optionally you can choose a color and an icon for your calendar and where to group it in your calendar view (in this example: Other calendars).

This will add the Bot calendar to your list of calendars in MS Outlook. You can show or hide the calendar simply by clicking on it in the side bar.

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