When a new conversation is escalated to the Inbox it will arrive in the New folder where it will wait to be assigned to a user. The general idea is that you and your team strive to keep this folder as empty as possible. As soon as a new conversation is escalated into this folder it needs to be assigned as soon as possible.

Assign to me

Either users with the role Agent or Operator can then assign the conversation to themselves by selecting the conversation and clicking the Assign to me button. Now the conversation will move from the New folder to the Mine folder. Your colleagues can see the conversation move to the Assigned folder. This way, conversations don't get lost and remain transparent to the entire team. Once assigned, you can join the conversation in order to start responding.

Reassign to someone else

You can also have someone else to handle the conversation by using the Reassign button. This buttons is only available when you or someone else is already assigned to the conversation.

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