Bot identity

The first thing you need to take care of when setting up your bot is to configure the languages and time zone you want to support.


  • Click on Settings under build in the main menu on the left hand side

  • Click on Identity to open the Bot Identity page (should be selected by default)

  • Type the name of your company

  • Change or add languages by clicking in the language field. Repeat this for all additional languages you want to support

  • Configure the Timezone to your preferred time zone

  • If your company has a privacy policy page, fill in the URL in the Privacy policy URL. There will be a button shown in the chat window with the customer so it will always be available to them, see Privacy below.

  • Click Save (you might need to scroll first to find the save button)

  • Click the Publish button to publish your changes

It might be that your SAVE button is not visible and you need to scroll first. Please don't click on the PUBLISH button before you clicked on the SAVE button first.

Privacy policy

The privacy URL that you provide under Identity settings will be displayed in the Web Widget as "Privacy statement".

Supported languages

From time to time new supported languages are added. At the moment of writing this documentation the following languages are supported:

  1. Dutch

  2. German

  3. French

  4. Spanish

  5. Danish

  6. Finnish

Formal language

Some of the languages have a FORMAL option. It will enable the language produced by your bot to be in formal writing. For the dutch it means using "u" and "uw" rather than "je" and "jouw".


Optionally the icon can be replaced by your own. Click on it to see the options:

The logo is used for displaying in the chat widget (see image under privacy policy) and as avatar of the bot when chatting.

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