Jira integrations

One of the outcomes of a bot might be a human action that needs to be executed, like changing an appointment, processing a product return or update a database. In most cases these actions need to be performed by human employees that work out of tickets created in a ticketing system, like Jira.

This skill exposes the following new nodes to your Flow designer:

  1. Create Jira ticket

  2. Get Jira ticket

Installing the Jira integrations skill

The skill isn't installed automatically with your template. Therefore you need to install it manually.

Go to Skills -> Browse -> search for the Jira integrations skill.

If you don't see this skill here, it needs to be added to your account. Please consult your partner or Enreach DialoX support team.


To connect the bot to your Jira or Service Desk instance you will need to prepare the following information.

  • URL to your Jira or Service Desk instance

  • Project Key (this is the prefix of your Ticket keys)

  • Personal Access Token

The Personal Access Token is your own personal access token that needs to be created in your Jira profile. To create this token:

  • log in your Jira

  • click on your profile button in the upper right corner

  • click on Personal Access Token

  • click on Create token

  • provide a name of your token (any name is sufficient)

  • remove the 90 days expiry option to prevent the expiration

  • click on Create

  • now store the Access Token somewhere safe

Configuring the Jira integrations skill

Before you can use the Jira integration in your flow you need to configure the credentials needed for the bot the make the connection. This can be done in the settings.

Fill in the fields as described. Read the previous chapter to read how to get a Personal Access Token.

Notice that the Personal Access Token needs to be saved separately from the form. so the Save button next to the access token needs to be clicked separately from the save button at the bottom of the page. The latter only stores the URL and the Project key in the database.

Implement Jira integration to your Flow

The following flows shows how the skill can be used to create a ticket and then retrieve the ticket and display a certain piece of information from the ticket.

This flow introduces the following two nodes which are described in the Flows -> Nodes section:

  • Create Jira ticket

  • Get Jira ticket

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