Ask: language

For multichannel bots it can be important to have the user choose their language instead of the bot determining it for them. Without this node, the system will choose the language based on the country code of the phone number on phone channels or by looking at the browser or app settings on other channels.

Using the ask language node variant the user explicitly needs to choose their preferred language. The system will then switch to the selected language for the rest of the conversation.

The question will be automatically skipped when the bot doesn't support more than one language however. So even when this node is configured in your flow, it will be skipped in this case.

For voice channels, there isn't much to configure for this node type. It will automatically use the voices that are configured for this bot to generate a question: "Press 1 for english, druk 2 voor Nederlands, …". The user is asked to provide their answer using DTMF.


Assign to

To assign the result to a variable in the conversation

The result is always stored in user.locale and conversation.locale too.

Dialog triggers

Special events can trigger another flow or set of nodes in your existing flow using the so called Dialog Triggers. See the chapter Dialog triggers for more details.

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