o make items in the Content section conditional to a specific state we use conditions. Conditions are based on the existence or non-existence of tags.

Any flow node can be configured to set a tag when executed.

Tags can also be set automatically by the system based on a context or system event.

System tags

This paragraph gives an overview of all the tags that are set by the system.



The conversation happens within office hours


The conversation happens outside office hours


The conversations happens on a web like channel (PWA, widget or studio)

User tags

The following tags are automatically set based on the basic user fields for name, email, phone and language.

When you introduce new user fields, make sure to add a tag for them here too.

The remember option in ask choice, ask open, etc will store their value in the user object as well as set a user tag using the Assign-to property.



The phone number of the contact is known.


The name of the contact is known


The email of the contact is known

Custom tags

To use tags in Flows or other parts of the system it is recommended to explicitly configure them in the Tags Settings. This way both the system as well as you and your colleagues can understand what tags are set. Even the system tags are listed here.

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