How to use 360Dialog as Wholesaler

Wholesalers that require to manage the Whatsapp numbers for multiple customers can use the tips in this article to allow them to manage their customer Whatsapp numbers from one single 360Dialog account.

This article describes the prerequisites, followed by the steps you need to take as a Wholesaler to have your customer register their number in your 360Dialog account.


As a wholesaler, you need to have at least one number already registered, ideally for your own usage. This way you already have a 360Dialog portal login, which is a prerequisite for the tips in this article. Read more here about how to register your own Whatsapp number.



When you onboard your customer on DialoX, please make sure that you as Wholesaler carry out the following steps:

  1. Go to environment management page and open the channels page

  2. Find the order that needs to be connected and click on Connect to Whatsapp

  1. Now a popup opens where you can register to 360Dialog or login with your existing (Wholesaler) credentials. Choose the latter:

  1. When you are logged in you are able to pick one of your existing numbers to connect to this DialoX Order. This is not what you want to do. Instead you want to add a new number:

  1. Now 360Dialog will ask you to login with your facebook account or select the already logged in Facebook user. At this point it is time to hand over the initiative to the Customer. In order to do this you can copy the URL of the current popup page and send it to the customer. Make sure to copy the entire URL including all parameters.

  1. When your customer paste this URL in their own browser they are able to finish the Whatsapp number registration and as a consequence it will end up under your (Wholesaler) 360Dialog account.

The rest of the procedure is the same as always, read here.

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