Advanced settings

There are two advanced settings that can be managed by Customers and Agencies:

Require Multi-factor authentication

To secure the access to your environment the members can be forced to use Multi-factor authentication. The user will then be asked to provide another piece of information that only this user is supposed to have.

Now you can manage your personal authentication settings in the security section of your profile.

How does Multi-factor authentication work when a user has access to multiple environments?

When only one environment to which a user has access require Multi-factor authentication, this user will be required to login using Multi-factor authentication, even when the user isn't accessing this environment at all.

When will Multi-factor authentication not appears while it is enabled?

The Multi-factor authentication question at login is only offered when logging in using the email and password as credentials. For authentication using one of the SSO providers, this Multi-factor step is skipped, since the SSO provider is then trusted.

Customize conversation archival

Conversation and contact information will be collected and stored when users interact with your bots. The system will store this information for an indefinite period of time unless you configure otherwise.

By enabling the Customize conversation archival in the Advanced Settings page of an environment, the amount of days conversation data is stored can be limited.

This settings will impact the following data:

  • conversation contents (the messages)

  • conversation variables

  • user contents

  • user variables

  • attachments and media (including audio) that is send by a user to the bot

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