Rules for notification

Notifications are generated by the platform based on several conditions. Please check that these conditions are met before calling upon support.

  1. Is the chat coming in during the general opening hours of your application?

  2. Are your personal working hours configured as operator? Is the chat coming during your personal working hours? Have your colleagues check their settings too.

  3. Did you check your personal notification settings?

  4. Is the user who expects to get notifications currently logged into the DialoX platform or is he the user who was last logged into the DialoX platform from your browser? (If not, the notification settings from the other user will apply.)

  5. Do you have the role operator or agent in the same environment as the bot? (being a member of the environment inherited from your agency is not the solution)

  6. Toggle your own availability settings from unavailable to available to reset your notification preferences in the platform.

  7. Is your browser open or is it at least running as a on your computer?

When you didn't enable push notifications or your browser or OS doesn't support them, the notifications will appear within the browser page:

Also when you have the studio or inbox opened in a visible browser tab, the system will show the notification as part of the browser page.

Only when all conditions for push notification settings described above are met, and you are currently not looking at a browser page with the studio or inbox loaded in it, the system will push the notifications to your PC. The way your PC will show this notification is dependent on your personal settings and specific browser you are using. On Mac OSX, working with Chrome as browser, this will look like:

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