Ordering and provisioning using Operator

Enreach wholesalers and customers use Operator to order their services with Enreach. The DialoX services are either ordered as standalone product in the Cloudstore or as embedded services as part of the Enreach portfolio, such as Managed Voice (MKB Pro and MKB Complete).

Cloudstore Orders

In the Operator Cloudstore you can find, depending on your local offering and configuration, the following products:

Orders of DialoX services in the Cloudstore are provisioned manually by the Support and Delivery team of Enreach. They will create an account for you if not already available and set or increase the contract limits. Then they will create an environment in the platform and contact you regarding the delivery. You can then create your bots within the limits set in the account (as per Operator order).

Managed Voice Orders

Telephony bots can be ordered as extensions in Operator. In the Netherlands these extension types are orderable in the Managed Voice order street (promoted as MKB Pro and MKB Complete). The following two extension types can be ordered:

Bot extensions ordered in Operator are automatically provisioned in the DialoX platform as "Premium channels". Automatic provisioning entails:

  • An account is created for your customer if not already existing.

  • An environment will be created when not already existing.

  • The account limits will be increased of the customer account.

  • A channel will be provisioned in the customer environment that is linked to the ordered extension.

Automatic provisioning will only work when you or your wholesaler is onboarded and trained on the DialoX platform and as such administered, i.e. the wholesaler ID is linked to the account.

Once the Premium channel is provisioned, you (as a Wholesaler) can now continue to deliver the bot in the DialoX platform. For this, open the DialoX platform and navigate to the (newly created) customer environment or simply navigate directly from Operator using the Edit in studio button which can be found in the action menu of your order.

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