The skill Nudges needs to be installed. Nudges only work in the Chatwidget.


The chat widget is capable of triggering small "nudges" when the chat window is still closed. Nudges are small conversation starters: chat bubbles and UI elements that are triggered by conditions, like the visitor browsing to a certain web page or after a certain amount of time.

Nudges are meant to persuade the website visitor to engage with the web widget. It can be used to attract leads or to provide support on specific website content, for instance by configuring the nude to show on a specific web page that will trigger a specific flow to handle questions that are specific to that web page.

Where to find Nudges

Nudges can be managed from within the content section of the platform.

  1. Click on Content in the main menu

  2. Click on Websitre nudges in the sub menu.

How to configure a nudge

To configure a Nudge on the homepage you do the following:

  1. Add the title that you want for the automatic Nudge.

  2. Fill in the Trigger expression. This will link to the main page or an other page on your site. The number states the amount of seconds before the Nudge will pop up for the visitor.

  3. Add a profile picture that will be shown with the Nudge to the visitor

  4. Fill in the Caption. This will shows as the title in a colored bar above the message.

  5. Fill in the Message that you want to Nudge to the visitor on the site.

  6. Select the Flow that the bot has to start after the visitor has clicked on the Nudge.

  7. Optionally select a tag that you want to set when this nudge is engaged with.

To place the Welcome Nudge on an other page paste the path that is after the domain name in between the " " in the Trigger expression. Example: page.path == "/contact/" && time_on_page > 6

Default nudges

There are two default nudges provided by the platform at installation.

  1. Welcome nudge

  2. Manual nudge

The Welcome nudge is meant to start on the root of your website, just to let the audience know that your team is ready to talk by chat.

The Manual nudge is meant to be used on the visitors page. It has a trigger expression of false which means it will never trigger automatically. Instead it can be send by hand in the visitors section.

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