Ask: number

The ask:number node allows you to capture and query numbers for your customers. You can enter and/or indicate a maximum number of 20 digits by using the dropdown below maximum amount of digits.

Saving the answer to your query can be done by assigning the answer to a variable as showed in the screenshot above. Once the number is stored in a variable, it can be used in other nodes by typing the /

Node properties



The original question

Try again (1)

The repeat question when wrong input is provided


Try again (2)

The repeat question when wrong input is provided


Assign to

To assign the result to a variable in the conversation


To store the variable in the user object too

Maximum amount of digits

To limit the amount of digits accepted

Like 2 for numbers < 100 and 3 for numbers < 1000, etc.

DTMF only

Accepts only DTMF on phone channels. Otherwise it will try to accept speech first before falling back to DTMF

Only applicable on phone channels.

Make sure to write your question and try again texts in such a way that they suit your settings for speech. So when you toggle the Speech first property to enabled, make sure you first question hints the user to speak out the number and only in the Try again text explain to use the DTMF keys and finish with the hash key, as depicted in the example screenshot above.

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