Flows are diagrams that can be designed using "boxes" (so called nodes) and "arrows" the so called links.

Flows are located in the main menu under the Build section. Users with the roles Content Manager, Producer or Developer are allowed to access the Flows section.

Within the Flows section there is always a Main flow called the Playbook. The playbook is executed by the system for every new conversation. The Playbook is able to call upon other flows, which can be created with the little plus icon next to Flows.

Start with a Main trigger

A new flow starts with a Main trigger. By clicking the node its details can be configured using the side panel called node details.

By dragging a line from the big dot at the bottom of a node, an arrow can be drawn. Arrows can be drawn to other nodes or to an empty space in the canvas, in which case the system will ask which node to create.

Adding a node

Nodes can be added by simply drawing a line from another node, or by right clicking somewhere in the canvas. Adding a new node starts by picking the particular node type.

Removing a node

Removing a node is done by either selecting the node (click in the head of the node) and pressing the back space button or by pressing the remove node button in the side panel.

Inserting a node

If you want to insert a node between two other nodes, simply click on the arrow between the nodes and click on the button insert node in the side panel.

Node varients

Read this chapter carefully to understand the basic mechanics of Flows. The sub section called Nodes describes the different node types that can be used to design your flows.

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