Home, the base for your Orders & Bots. Home is where it all begins as far as using the Dialox Platform goes after the ordering stages. Within home you have several options and tiles which are drag & dropable. We will go through them in the next steps.

When you are in Customer level it could be that you have multiple Environments. See it as a directory with folders, which you can navigate within. Depending on the Order, your Order will be shown accordingly.

For instance this way you can navigate as a team to create a workflow between Environments which have no users but has a functional bot. And a client Environment in which you take on calls, conversations or notes.


Once you have made an Order in Operator, it will be visable in your Home screen due to automatic provisioning for the Enreach Contact Orders. Here you can see the Bot App name, wether it needs to be connected or not.


All the Bot apps you choose, according to your Order will be stored here. With a nice and quick overview there are a couple of options to choose from which are described down below in the using section.

How to use home

As stated above everything in this view is drag & dropable. For instance if you have an order (105 extension) and want to remove the connection, go ahead and drag it to the Not connected area. You will see that the 105 extension will be dropped, with this action you remove the existing license from your Bot App.

Drag a new or existing Bot App to either Whatsapp or Smart IVR license to create a new situation. This way the power of quickly rebuilding your situation will be easily managable. Check below for reference:

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