On-call schedule

For companies that offer on call services to their customers it is quite a hassle to configure an on call schedule in their PBX. A bot with the Oncall dialer skill installed solves this issue quite easily.

After installing the skill you can simple add the node "Dial: On Call" to your flow and configure your agents and planning in the Content section of the platform. Using this approach even users without the right to edit your flows can change the On call schedule of your agents.

Install the On-call schedule skill

  1. To install the skill go to Skills -> Browse

  1. Click the On-call schedule skill so the following popup opens:

  1. Click on the Install On call schedule button to install the skill in your bot.

  2. Publish your bot

Now the skill should appear in the Installed page of your Skills section.

Add Dial: On call to your Flow

This skill introduces a new flow node to your bot called "Dial: on call". This node needs to be added to your flow in order to enable it.

  1. Go to the Flows section of the platform

  2. Find the place in your flow where you want to have the bot to dial the on call agent.

  3. Click right mouse button, click on Dial and then on On call.

  1. Now make sure your flow routes a link (Arrow) to your new Dial: on call node. In case this is the only node in your Flow, you need to connect it to the Entry trigger.

  1. Open the side panel of the node by clicking on the title bar of the Dial: On call node.

  2. Now fill in the text and the fallback number

  1. Now go to the Content section and add your agents to the On-call Phonebook

  2. Then configure who is available for on call services from when in the On-call Schedule page in the Content section.

Fields for Dial: On call



The SIP method to use for dialing

Choose REFER


The text the bot should say just before dialing.

By embedding #{oncall_name} the name of the agent can be used in the text


What number to dial when no schedule is found in the Content section

On call content

On-call Phonebook

In order for the On call function to work the system must know which agents there are to route the call to. The on call agents can be configured in the Content section.

  1. Click on Content

  2. Click on On-call Phonebook

  3. Click Add

Fill in the following fields:



Name of the agent


Number of the agent

Make sure to enable or disable the extension option depending on the number you need


Uncheck for public numbers

To make sure the number is validated on correctness.

On-call schedule

When the agents are configured we can configure the schedule. This will help the system to know when to route the call to which agent.

  1. Click on Content

  2. Click on On-call Schedule

  3. Click Add

No fill in your first schedule:



The date and time at which this schedule becomes active

Route to

The agent to route the call to

The system always searches for the schedule that is closest to the current date time.

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