Today everything starts with the Customer, as a Customer you may have bought certain licenses via Operator, which will then be aggregated and listed via our Administration. You can view them collectively, the right panel will show all the aggregated license limits that are corresponding with the licenses you have bought.

As you may know Accounts was a term we used for a long time. This will now completely dissapear and Licenses will be introduced instead. Licenses will show you everything you need to know about your bought Customer Licenses and-or Tier applications.

Manage your Customer Licenses

With the buttons shown above you can easily navigate through your customer licenses. Using the same buttons you can also use direct redirects to view bots and monthly usage.

For example, Customer 1 has an order for WhatsApp and two orders for Smart IVR, these will now become visible under the Customer level by pressing the 'licenses' button.



Which license have you ordered with which tier.


Detailed name of the extension order.


Customer account details.


The wholesaler environment.

External ID

The customer's Operator ID.

% WoW

Week over week analytics.


Date of creation order.

Last updated