How to get Meta Business Suite Verification

To successfully finish your onboarding process after you have connected your preferable channels such as Whatsapp or Facebook, you will have to validate your connected channels via the Meta Business Suite verification.

You can find the Meta Business verification through the following steps. First login to your personal Facebook account and navigate to your Facebook Business account next. Also reachable through Security Center. After you have switched to the business account, you need to follow through the following steps:

The required documents to validate this verification must include a Chamber of Commerce extract which states the general business information, website and address. The requirements mostly consists of up-to-date information in combination with the information you have filled in your 360dialog registration.

After you have completed the Meta Business Suite verification, Meta will set your status to pending. If you want to keep up to date with the status of your verification, simply login to 360dialog and check your Details tab as shown down below:

Once it has has been completed the Pending status will change to Approved. If you do not finish this verification the registration you have made with 360dialog will be seen as non-active/non-validated and will automatically revoke your registration within a two weeks notice. Make sure you complete all steps above.

Notable status

GraphQL Error

If you get a Graph QL error during your Whatsapp Business registration at 360Dialog, it will mean that your Facebook account does not have the administrator role on the Facebook company business page.

To find out who does, you can go to 1. Fold out the arrow in the right top corner 2. Click on the cogwheel

If your Business page is ranked under 'Pages' instead of 'Business Accounts', you will need to make a fresh Business account during the embedded Whatsapp registration in the Botsquad Studio.

Here you can see what your access is. If this is not Business admin you do not have the correct access to make the Whatsapp connection. Here you will be able to see who does have the right access. They can either take over, use their own login and continue the process, or you can ask the person for admin access to continue yourself.

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