Extra options

There is an option for Environment Managers to be able to take control of their bot by having a general settings section which is called Extra Options. You will be able to Export (download a copy of a bot's code as backup) or Import (restore a backup of this bot from a zip file).

Optionally: there is a possibility to get the source code of a bot to be synchronizeed to a Git respository. Each time a publish is done, a git commit is made and is pushed to the configured respository. The synchronization works one-way only.

Even more options such as:


Deactivate (botname)

Deactive this bot to make it (temporarily) unavailable for new conversations.

Clone bot

You can clone this bot to make a backup copy or start a new bot based on this one.

Move bot

You can move this bot to one of your other environments.

Delete bot

With this button you can remove your bot, deleting all files and user data.

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