Ask: name

The name of a person is a complex piece of information to extract out of user input. Somebody can say "My name is Pete", or "I am called Pete" or "Pete is my name". The DialoX platform uses Artificial Intelligence to extract the name out of a sentence in case we expect a name.

Furthermore the name of a user is important for finding conversations in the platform or being able to re engage the user in a later stage. Therefore, the Ask name will store the name also in the user object by default so it is available in the conversations, inbox and contact sections of the platform.

The node can be configured the same way as the other ask variants using the following properties.



The original question

Assign to

To assign the result to a variable in the conversation

Try again (1)

The repeat question when wrong input is provided


Try again (2)

An alternative repeat question when wrong input is provided


Remember in user.first_name

To store the variable in the user variable first_name too

Notice that you cannot specify in which user field the name is stored. It needs to be the first_name field so the platform can use it for instance in the Contacts, Conversations and Inbox sections.

Separating the first name from the last name is very complex, therefore the name (even when it contains a full name) is always stored in only one field unless separately captured.

This node will automatically set the user tag "user:name", see the Settings → Tags page

Dialog triggers

Special events can trigger another flow or set of nodes in your existing flow using the so called Dialog Triggers. See the chapter Dialog triggers for more details.

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