Show: whatsapp link

This node doesn't work on voice channels like phone.

To deflect a conversation from a web chat (webwidget or PWA) to Whatsapp the user needs to be persuaded to actively grab his or her phone and open Whatsapp or open the Whatsapp app on his or her desktop. To ease this process the Show whatsapp node variant can help.

On a desktop it will show a QR that holds the link to the Whatsapp contact that is configured in this bot so the user only needs to scan it with his or her device, or click on the link that will open the (web) app for Whatsapp on his or her desktop.

On a mobile device it will directly open the Whatsapp app and continue from there.

The whatsapp link that is generated will include both the Whatsapp number as well as the last user message, so the user doesn't need to retype his or her question.



The text to display

Whatsapp number

The number to use to build the whatsapp link


Optional message to send along in the link so the user doesn't have to type their first message but just click send.

If not filled in, it will use the last user message that was provided.

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