Notification panel

The platform will generate notifications from time to time to draw your attention to events that require your attention. These notifications will be collected in the notifications panel, so even when you miss a notification, or when you were to quick clicking it away, you can still find it in this panel.

Notification panel

You can find the notifications panel behind the button showing a little icon of a Bell in the upper right corner, on the left hand side of your profile picture. The red dot in the icon indicates there are still unhandled notifications.

General actions

In the top of the panel there are three small icon buttons and one larger button. From left to right:

  • Settings: links to the Notification settings;

  • Mute / unmute: toggles between muting and unmuting new notifications;

  • Unread / all: toggle between showing only the unread notifications or all the notifications;

  • Mark all read: little power feature to mark all notifications as "read", so they dissapear from the unread list.

Actions per notification

Clicking on a notification will bring you to the page that caused the event, for instance an Inbox escalation. This action will even mark the notification is read which therefore removes it out of your sight (when the unread toggle is enabled, see previous paragraph).

Besides helping you to address the event that caused the notification to happen, you can click on:

  • Unread: to mark the notification as unread or even delete it completely;

  • Delete: to completely remove the notification from the database.

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