Send: whatsapp

With the Send: Whatsapp node, an outbound Whatsapp message can be send. This can be very useful for deflecting phone calls to Whatsapp. Whatsapp allows a business to reduce the load on inbound telephony calls during peak hours or reduce churn while being out of office or unavailable. Whatsapp allows a business to accept inbound messages 24x7 without the need for an immediate response.

For the system to be able to send an outbound Whatsapp message, it must be configured with valid Whatsapp credentials. There are two ways of doing this.

  1. By channel; When a bot needs to be able to handle both inbound as outbound Whatsapp messages (for instance for the Social Messaging Inbox), it needs to have a channel configured for Whatsapp. This is done in Channels → Whatsapp.

  2. By integration; When a bot is not primarily used for Social Messaging but just needs a Whatsapp connection for sending outbound messages it only needs a Whatsapp integration to an existing Whatsapp channel. Configure your Whatsapp credentials at Integrations → 360 Dialog.

Once the Whatsapp connection is established, the Send Whatsapp node can be used and configured. If the Whatsapp connection is not established it will show a warning in the Send Whatsapp node details in the side panel.


Phone number

The phone number of the receiver

Leave blank to use the phone number of the caller


The Whatsapp template to use

Read more about template messages here.


Add the parameter values

Templates can have 0 or more parameters to embed into the message when sending out.

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