Dial: smart

To create a more smarter experience the node variant Dial smart extents the regular dial number node with fallback capabilities. This saves you creating additional flow steps and branching.

When the conversation happens within opening hours the system will announce the forward and dial the number and forward the call according the provided details (number and sip method).

If the conversation happens outside opening hours the system will provide a closed message and fallback to a specified flow.

The same thing happens when the dial for some reason fails (assuming the receiving party is unavailable).

Notice that when a dial is done using a SIP invite, the bot will stay "in between" and therefore adds to the billing of this call, whereas a SIP refer will stop incurring cost after the handover.



The destination type for the call (default)

"Default" to dial the following number in any situation. "Contact based alternatives" to dial a number that is based on user data (a specific contact field). See for more information about the different destination options.


The number to call

Using the extension checkbox a non iso phone number can be provided. This way extension numbers are valid to enter.


The method for dialing

See above.


Timeout in seconds

Only works for SIP invite.


Announce the forward

Opening hours

Specify how the opening hours is determined


Notice that you need the skill Timeplans to be installed to use the "from timeplan" option.

Closed situation:


The message to provide when closed


The flow to jump to when closed

Unavailable situation:


The message to provide when unavailable


The flow to jump to when unavailable

Be aware that this node will redetermine the online and offline tags based on the optional custom time plan provided. This way, logic executed after this node might be impacted by it.

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