First you need to enable the channel. Then you can configure settings and voices.


Bots can be connected to a phone channel using SIP credentials (only after enabling on Account level by Enreach) or by ordering a Bot extension using Enreach Operator, also referred to as DialoX extension or AI extension.

Bot extensions

Open the channels page. Go to the sub page Phone and click on the Enable button. When the bot extension was ordered in Operator you can select the extension and click on connect.

Other methods

Depending on your contract with Enreach your account can be configured to allow for custom SIP registrations. This allows you to connect your bot to a bring-your-own SIP channel. This method is out of scope for this manual. Please contact your wholesaler or your Enreach partner manager.


Once connected the settings and voices for this bot can be configured. The settings can be found in the first tab:

The following configuration can be done:


Public phone number

Just for information purposes indicating to which extension this bot is listening.

Play short beeps

This will help your caller to understand when the mic is open or closed. It works the same way as google assistant for instance and really helps the turn taking process.

Record user's speech

Records all user input, which can be helpful when speech to text fails.

Notice that changing the "Public phone number" field doesn't impact the actual extension number. This can only be changed in Operator.

Also changing the extension number in Operator will not synchronise the change to the Botsquad platform. The number will dispatch correctly though.


In the Voices tab you can select which voice to use for which language. It will only allow you to choose voices that correspond to the languages supported in your bot. You can change or add the supported languages on the Identity page in Settings.

Using the Preview section you can test the voice before choosing it.

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