Where are conversations stored

You can manage how long your conversations are stored in the system when you are an account owner.

Find your account

You can find the account settings in the Administration section of the platform. Click on the application selector button in the top right corner of the page and choose administration.

Now the menu bar on the left hand side will change into what you see in the below screenshot. If not, click the Administration menu item again.

Now click on:

  • Accounts

  • Choose the right account

  • Click on Settings in the side panel

Note that this popup is called Contract Settings, since Accounts are also referred to as Contracts in the platform.

Archive conversations after X days

Now you can change the amount of days after which the conversations will be archived. You can set it to 0 or longer. At 0, they will be archived directly after they are closed.

Archiving will remove the conversation contents, but remember the agragated data so that you will still be able to count them or to view the analytics, like tags and counts.

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