How to migrate new Version

Migrate from @EVA to @DialoX

When you onboarded and configured your MS Teams channel before 27 september 2023 then you have the old version of the Botsquad MS Teams app. For full functionality you want to upgrade to the new DialoX MS Teams App.

First go to the studio and find the bot you need to migrate. Then remove the existing MS Teams integration using the following steps:

Remove the old MS Teams

  1. Go to channels

  2. Click on MS Teams

  3. Click remove

Now reconnect the channel by clicking Enable. This will show the following popup.

  1. Download the ZIP file

  2. Copy the "/connect …" to your clipboard by clicking on the little clipboard icon on the right.

Remove the app from MS Teams

Remove the app from your MS Teams instance by opening your MS Teams App and find the team where you want to use the DialoX inbox and click on Manage team. Now click on the Apps tab, find EVA and click on the remove icon (the trash can):

If you get an error, or it does not get deleted, you can delete the app through the Admin center. Cannot delete EVA app

Upload the new .zip file

Now click on "upload a customised app" in the bottom right corner of the window.

Locate the downloaded ZIP file and install it by clicking Add:

Now you can go to the channel in your Team where you want the DialoX inbox to submit notifications to new conversations and start a new conversation.

Connect the Studio with MS Teams

Type in @DialoX and select @DialoX from the dropdown. Then paste the copied "/connect …" string behind it and send it.

Notice that the word DialoX in front of the sentence has a different color then the rest of the sentence (/connect …).

Now the DialoX inbox is connected to this MS Teams channel and you can verify this in the DialoX studio where you left off when downloading the ZIP file.

Cannot delete EVA app

When you get an error trying to upload the .zip file to MS Teams you have to delete the app in the MS Teams admin certer. You can do this as followed:

Go to and log in. If you have Admin permissions you will find the Admin app in the list (left top corner with the 9 dots). Select Show all and find Teams in your admin center.

In your Teams admin center you go to Manage apps and find the EVA app.

When you go back to Manage apps, you can upload the .zip file here.

It can take at least 5 minutes before the sync from the Teams Admin center to MS Teams is done. You will find the new DialoX app in MS Teams instead of EVA.

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