Ask: selection

This node only works on web capable chat channels. It requires the Chat Flows skill to be installed.

There is a smarter way to ask the user to make a choice when you are using a web interface, and that is the Ask: selection node. This node has the following benefits in regards to a normal Ask: choice.

  • Allows for multiple choices

  • Doesn't require a link for every choice; the choices can be added within the node instead which cleans up your Flow design

  • Allows for branching using labelled flow as a special choice, offered as last item

  • Allows for shuffling of the choices

A nice example is the multiple choice. See this example:

Notice that we are using the variable name given at assign but appended _text to it when displaying in the say: "So you like #{dishes_text}". This node automatically adds a underscore text variable to include a comma separated version of the answer. Otherwise the answer will just concatenate all the choices in one string.

Node properties

The node offers the following configuration settings:


The choices can be configured with a tag that will be set when chosen and a possible value:


The Add alternative button can be used when the user is allowed to specify a different answer when none of the choices apply. Any of the choices selected will automatically be disabled when selecting the alternative option. Optionally an additional question can be asked so the user can specify their alternative answer.

This will result in the following dialog:

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