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The DialoX studio is an online App that works as a Unified Inbox to your social messaging channels. However it is still another App to use by you and your team members. For companies that are already using MS Teams there is a more convenient way to answer incoming messages, which is MS Teams itself. This page explains how to enable your MS Teams account to be used for answering incoming messages from your social channels.

Enable MS Teams channel

  1. Click on Channels

  2. Click on Microsoft Teams

  3. Click on Enable

The rest of the activation needs to happen from out MS Teams. You need to install the DialoX App in your Teams account and you need to send a first message to this App in order to connect your Teams account and designated team to your DialoX account. The following popup is opened showing the two instructions needed to enable MS Teams for your inbox:

  1. Click on 'Download the zip file'. Do not unpack the zip file!

  2. Click on the clipboard icon in the right corner of the grey panel that shows /connect … to copy the text to your computer's clipboard.

Install the App in Teams

Now open teams and and join or create a team that you will use to receive your social messages in by performing the following steps:

  1. Open MS Teams app

  2. Click on 'Teams' in the left side bar

  3. Click on 'Join or create a team' in the bottom of the page

  4. Choose a team or give your new team a name ("Chat Support" for instance) and add the people that need access in order to reply to incoming messages.

Now you need to install the downloaded ZIP file in your MS Teams account by clicking on the Apps icon in the bottom left corner of the side bar. Find the ZIP file you downloaded from DialoX and upload it to Teams.

If the DialoX app is not showing in the Apps area, please delete local cookies or simply log out and log back in to refresh the Apps list.

If you don't see the DialoX app available for your organisation. Please follow the following steps:

  1. Follow Enable MS Teams Channel steps

  2. Go to your preffered MS Teams channel you wish to connect the DialoX app

  3. Click on "..." and go to Manage Team

  4. Navigate to the Apps tab

  5. Install the App there by uploading the zip file (do not unzip the file)

  6. Link a channel with the text in your clipboard from step 1

  7. Receive the " All set " status which confirms a working MS Teams connection

Add DialoX to a team

Once you installed the new App you can connect it to the team you have designated to use for replying to your social channels:

Click on the Add to a team button and choose the team you designated to be used for DialoX. Now send your first message. This is the message that you copied to your clipboard (shown in the popup, starting with /connect).

In the designated channel type @DialoX, now DialoX will popup. Select DialoX with your mouse and paste the /connect … message from your clipboard directly after. Check to see that the @DialoX part has a different color (purple) then the /connect part. If so, press enter.

Now you should see the Teams channel to be properly connected:

In MS Teams you should receive a " All set " hint that the DialoX app has been connected to your Channel.

Using multiple channels

When you need to connect multiple channels without your team to handle incoming conversations, for instance based on the topic of the conversation, you need to define multiple inboxes first.

For instance when you need a channel to differentiate between conversations about Sales, Support or Billing. In that case you will need to add three tags under the tag group Inbox:

Now you can go back to the MS Teams channel page and you will notice that in the bottom the three inboxes can now be connected.

Copy the link codes one by one and paste them inside your preferred channel in your MS Teams app and prefix the copied snippet with @DialoX. This way DialoX will know to link the right channel to the right inbox.

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