MS Teams notifications

If you have set the MS Teams integration to monitor and respond to incoming conversations from the DialoX app integrated in MS Teams, you can define to be notified about new incoming conversations by MS Teams with an extra toast on your desktop that will look like this:

Beware that MS Teams can only notifiy you about new conversations and some status changes.

You will not be notified via MS Teams about @mentions, messages forwarded/escalated to you or changes of the environment administration settings. So even when using MS Teams to answer conversations, it can be useful to to get these other types of notifications.

MS Teams settings

To get notifications form MS Teams about new conversations you need to have these settings:

  1. Go to "Notifications and activity" and make the settings according to your general notification preferences:

  2. Go to the MS Teams Channel that is connected to the DialoX chat application where the new conversations are shown, and click on "More options" > "Channel notifications". Select to get "banner and feed" notifications for all new posts.

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