The Planner enables working with calendars, like scheduling a meeting or planning a callback appointment. The skill implements the Calendaring features of the DialoX platform. Developers could have a look here for more details.

Planning outcomes

The Planner skills can deliver the following type of outcomes

Determine availability

For the skill is able to support two different ways for determining which moments to allow to be scheduled. The availability of a certain moment in time can be determined according the following two strategies:

Node variants

The above described outcome types and availability strategies determine the four different node variants that are introduced by this skill:

Most Bot templates and Bot apps will only allow you to use only one variant in your bot since depending on which node variant you'll use, certain configuration needs to be in place beforehand.

The following screenshot shows where to find the node variants. When you can only use one of the Node variants, you will simply see "Plan" without a sub menu.

The four different node variants are almost identical to each other in they way they are used within your Flow and the properties to configure. See node type Plan for more details.

Conversation strategy options

This node allows for four different conversation strategies for eliciting the plan:


In order to work with this data this skill is producing, the skill introduces the following variables to your Flow designer. They can be used to interpolate with your texts and questions in your Flow.


Depending on you particular Bot App you might be using Calendars as resources. Some Bot Apps allow you to integrate with third party calendars. But by default the Platform offers its own Calendar database as well. There are two types of Calendars. Calendars to show the outcome of Calendar actions of the Bot, like appointments or todo's. And Calendars that are used as input for determining Slot Capacity.

  1. Calendars for planning outcomes (Events and Todo's), see Calendars

  2. Calendars for planning input (Slot Capacity), see Calendars content

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