Callback Planner

When your organisation is experiencing queue overflow situations during peak moments or when your organisation is contacted outside of your service hours, you can offer your callers some convenience by making it easy for them to plan a callback appointment. This way, the caller doesn't need to wait too long in the queue or doesn't need to remind him or herself to call back at a later moment.

The Callback planner will always propose the first possible option. Then the user can say yes or no. When the user says no, the bot will find the next possible slot. When users ask for a specific alternative, the bot will try to find the best possible option that corresponds to the request. In the below example, the bot found the next available slot that comes closest to the question to be Monday at 10:00:

When finishing the conversation, the bot will create a Todo item in the Today view within the Inbox for a human agent to handle.

Quick steps

The Bot App is plug and play. It does however need to know when it can plan appointments. So the most important configuration that needs to be done is configuring the callback slots in the calendar.

  1. Click on Content

  2. Click on Slot planning

Read here about how to add or change your slot planning.


This Bot App comprises three Flow files:

  • Playbook, to start the conversation

  • Appointment, to make the appointment

  • Details, to capture the details for the appointment

The Playbook and the Details flows use common Flow nodes which you can read all about in the here.

The Appointment flow is specific for this Bot App and introduces a new Flow Node type called "Plan". It is introduced by the Planner skill.

The Plan node is responsible for having the dialog with the user to elicit the right date and time to make the appointment.

Once the date and time are selected, the plan node will fire the Details flow for gathering the details needed to making the callback appointment, which are in this case eliciting the Name, the Phone number and the reason for the call:

When the details flow is finished, the appointment will be comitted and planned in the calendar of this bot. Inbox users will be able to find the Callback appointments in the Today view of the inbox, see Today.


This bot is composed out of the following skills. Click on the skill to read the details.

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