Smart IVR 2.0

Bot template to answer calls

The Smart IVR template enables your bot to answer incoming phone calls. A Smart IVR template can be used to configure any type of voice assistant. In the basis it is configured to forward your call to the right department based on an opening question. It also contains flows for taking a call back note and deflect to whatsapp when no agents are available or the office is closed.

For this, the Smart IVR is configured with three Flows:

  • Playbook

  • Note

  • Whatsapp

Read about flows in the Flows section to understand what type of nodes your can use for configuring the Smart IVR for your use case.

Quick steps

Generic setup

  1. Make sure your opening hours are configured

  2. Make sure your phone channel is enabled

  3. Optionally make sure a Whatsapp integration to your Social Inbox bot is configured


Make sure to review and change the following nodes in the Playbook flow. Click on Flows and then open your Playbook.

Review the following nodes:

  1. say welcome text

  2. ask choice and its labels

  3. dial: smart nodes with the right text, number and fallback logic


Now you need to decide what you like the Smart IVR to do when the office or one of the departments is closed. Either go to the Note flow, go to the Whatsapp flow or do something else.

Fallback to Whatsapp

Choosing the Whatsapp flow will cause the Smart IVR to send your caller a Whatsapp message so your caller only needs to respond in order to get in touch.

The Whatsapp flow is by default configured to verify the phone number of the caller and then send a whatsapp message. Go to the Whatsapp flow:

And change the following:

  1. Customize the whatsapp flow: Send whatsapp node.

Fallback to Note

When you don't want to deflect to Whatsapp in case of inavailability of your team you can also choose to take a note (in order to call the caller back later).

The flow for this is configured in the flow Note.

Depending on your use case you can change or extend the questions asked but at least you need to consider wether you want the call back notes to be collected in the Notes section of the platform or to be send as an email. By default it will create a note (see 1). Change it to Send: email instead when you want an email to be sent.

Notes that are generated by your Smart IVR are collected in the Notes section. There notes can be followed up by marking them as completed. This way you'll never forget to follow up on made promisses by your bot. Notes can also be integrated in your (back office) systems using the nodes API and Note Webhook.


The node type Send SMS is excluded in this template.

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