Web App

Put together a Progressive Web App (Web App) in just a few seconds. Users would be able to interact with your bot directly within the Web app interface. This could involve asking questions, receiving responses, and engaging in conversation as they would with a traditional chatbot interface.


  1. Click on Channels

  2. Choose Progressive Web App

  3. Fill in a subdomain to use for your Web App.


Manage your Web app by using the three tabs after following the setup steps above. Click on the buttons below for more information.


You can either host this PWA on the generic bsqd.me subdomain, or link your own domain name.


  • PWA hosted on bsqd.me

  • PWA hosted on top-level domain


Customize your Web app by using the Design tab. The design tab will give you a couple of options to whitelabel your Webapp such as:

  • PWA chat app

  • Full page chat

  • Customization of colours

  • Add introduction chat


There is an optional tab called Code. This feature is on request. When granted access you will be able to edit CSS / JS to further enhance your Web app.

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