Group Voicemail

Answers the phone, takes a message and sends it as an email

The Group Voicemail (previously called Company Voicemail) template can be used as an alternative voicemail box. Simple forward your calls to this bot whenever you are unavailable. The Company Voicemail template is configured with only one Flow: playbook. Read about flows in the Flows section to understand what type of nodes your can use for configuring the Voicemail bot for your use case.

Quick steps

Generic setup

  1. Make sure your phone channel is enabled

  2. Make sure to change the Send Note node to a Send email node and fill in the email address, see step 6 below under playbook.


Make sure to review and change the following nodes in the Playbook flow. Click on Flows and then open your Playbook.

Review the following nodes:

  1. say welcome text (can be used to be more specific about whoms voicemail it is)

  2. say what is expected now (we need some details)

  3. ask open for the reason of the call

  4. send note (replace this for send email to receive an email instead of a note in the studio)

  5. say what can be expected from here (we will call you back asap)

  6. say goodbye

Notes that are generated by your Voicemail are collected in the Notes section. There notes can be followed up by marking them as completed. This way you'll never forget to follow up on made promisses by your bot. Notes can also be integrated in your (back office) systems using the nodes API and Note Webhook.


The node type Send SMS is excluded from this bot template.

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