Prescription Assistant

The Prescription Assistant allows you to ask a list of questions and route them through different outputs, such as a note or an email. The allowed channel on which the Prescription Assistant can be used is the Smart IVR. This a specific solution designed for quickly asking an x ​​number of questions that are immediately pushed to your email after completion of the telephone conversation.

Set up your Prescription Assistant

Once you have installed the correct template you can fill in the Opening text, Questions and Closing text input fields. Example shown down below:


Opening text

Welcome your customer with a simple text. Make sure that you explain the customer to use a hash sign at the end of each question to progress the call.


Fill in your prescription survey accordingly, if you want to add more questions click ' + add question ' button.

Closing text

Close your call with a closing text.

Set up your Settings

The last steps are setting up your email settings. Down below you can find the steps needed to finalise and use your Prescription Assistant bot app.

  1. Navigate to Settings

  2. Click on Questionnaire

  3. Fill in the the email you want the prescription call to be sent to

  4. Optionally add people in CC

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