Social Inbox 2.0

The Social Inbox 2.0 template enables your bot to answer incoming chat messages via the Chatwidget and Whatsapp channels. It can be used to configure any type of social messaging assistant. In the basis it is configured to forward messages to an employee (escalate) while sending an automatic response, but it can also be configured for automatic answering on recognized questions.

On other channels then Whatsapp it will deflect to Whatsapp after waiting for too long on an employee to join and respond. This way your audience is forced to continue in Whatsapp which makes them re-engageable, even when they are offline.


At minimum you need to take care of the following:

  1. Make sure your opening hours are configured

  2. Make sure your Whatsapp channel is enable (or another chat channel)


Make sureto review and change the following nodes in the Playbook flow. Click on Flows (1) and then open your Playbook (2).

The playbook will open the conversation on Web using a say node and a prompt in order to elicit the user intention. You can see this by inspecting the little badges at the main entry point. The prompt will then try to answer the question (in case no questions are trained therefore the unknown flow will trigger the auto reply flow).

However, on Whatsapp the conversation is never started by the bot (unless a template message is sent) but only by a Contact. Therefore, the auto_reply will kick in directly when a message is sent that isn't automatically replied by a dialog trigger. The auto_reply flow is invoked by the node Go to flow.


The auto_reply flow is configured to escalate to a human employee. You can use this flow also to ask some more preliminary or qualifying questions before escalating to a human. To change the behaviour, go to Flows (1) and then open the Auto_reply flow (2).

The Auto_reply flow will just explain the fact that the message is escalated to a human. When closed or when no agents are available it can display another message. See the Smart Escalate node for explanation about the behaviour of this node.

By default it will continue to the Whatsapp flow when no agent is available, see next paragraph.


The Whatsapp flow will only kick off on the Web Widget or Web PWA channels, since these channels have no way to re-engage the Contact. So on Whatsapp this is flow is skipped (we are already on Whatsapp). The little badges that are displayed next to the entry point indicate this fact.

The Show Whatsapp link node needs to be properly configured in order for it to work. See Show Whatsapp node for more details.

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